There are a lot of factors that should be considered as well

It is not uncommon for people to take things at their face value. Although the Energy Boost ESM is one sexy beast, appearance should not be the sole basis on why one should purchase a pair of shoes. There are a lot of factors that should be considered as well, including and most especially the technical construction of the pair that you really want to buy. Buying running shoes should be an informed decision, because it might cause grave consequences if taken lightly.

The Adidas Energy Boost ESM, much like most of Adidas鈥?running shoes, does not compromise its technical assets with appearance. Somehow, Adidas has their way of making shoes with optimum performance while making its way to the runway.

The innovative Boost technology, which allows for the re-energized feel of your feet when running, and the Torsion system which makes the pair more adaptable and comfortable, makes the sole of the Energy Boost ESM something to seriously consider especially when you鈥檙e a long distance runner.

The Formotion technology also affords this pair the very good reviews it鈥檚 been receiving since its release. Being adaptable to temperature changes, this pair is considered a temperature-resistant pair 鈥?something that is not common to running shoes.

Finally and most importantly, the ESM technology really makes it the best pair Adidas has to offer when it comes to speed running shoes. With the intricate and top-of-the-line technology applied in this marvelous pair, it is no wonder that people are in so much hype about it even before it was released.