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Attacking in FIFA 17 is very different to Buy Fut Coins earlier FIFAs, a combination of developing perform, working openings and completing chances when they appear. Towards a good player you may just get one or two openings therefore it is important that you know the best ways to respond in different situation in order to remove those all important goals.

Very first touch. First touch depends upon direction of ball as well as position of feet or even body. Easier with high rated players or higher ball control. Press LT or L2 to snare the ball and greater skilled players will pillow the ball with different areas of the foot or even upper body. You can also try using the LBS or L1 to pitfall the ball as this is the button for stopping along with facing the goal. Performs really well for stopping soccer ball generally from a pass.

Smaller nudge. As the ball reaches its destination nudge the left attach the direction you want to go or run next. Your own personal player will turn the body and nudge typically the ball in that direction as the first touch. This is very efficient for making a small bit of place for your next pass or to make space for a shot.