Do not let go is to destroy his dream

Last season, Fosbury was stunning to help the Bundesliga fleet Leipzig Red Bulls get runner-up and scored the Champions League. Summer transfer window, Liverpool and other giants team seeking Fosbury, but Leipzig did not want to release, the player brokers bombarded Leipzig that this is to destroy Fosbury's dream.
25-year-old Swedish winger Fosbury and Bayern, Arsenal, Liverpool, Milan and other wealthy teams have heard the scandal, the broker said that these big teams want to sign Sperty. At the time of the Swedish national team, Fosbury was greatly appreciative of the Milan club and hinted that he might leave Leipzig.

But the attitude of the Leipzig club is obvious, they do not want to let go of the core players, after all, the team next season but also to participate in the Champions League such an important event, it is their first time Champions League qualification. "We have a four-year contract with the players, and if he forgets, we can make a copy of the contract to him!"
"I have never seen such an arrogant person, and I certainly know when Fosbury's contract is," he said. "I have never seen such an arrogant person," he said. I knew Fosbury should have thanked the club, but it was clear that Fosbury wanted to start the next step in my career.I and Fosbury were clear about the contract, but we also told the club Leipzig is not 15 million euros to buy Fosbury, just 3 million euros, and now Fosbury can give them ten times the return, they are now want to Ruined Fosbury 's dream.