In a new guise duel arena!

The pendule arena has been graphically upgraded, as was the case of last year's al-kharid overhaul, as part of a "grand adventure". And unpolished diamonds? Happened. In the waving flag, the rough walls and the sandy ruins with your chosen opponent.

There is no better place for RUNESCAPE to prove that two of his players are fighting. Runescape 2007 Gold.In addition , some structure and technical improvements made: and there now is in the call to allow boxing duel new areas, and - although it doesn't look too combat stage - if you start a duel and these are full, an example is automatically generated for you, so there is always a dozen places.

Duel arena

If you've never been to the arena, it's time to do so. On the stage, you have the opportunity to try the players' battles without losing your hard-won stuff. You can determine how the battle is going: you can agree that your opponent is using items or COINS, or fighting against each other for fun, so you can brag later. You can also set other conditions: do you feel the use of melee weapons to show your muscles? Okay, or do you think you can only use a crossbow to settle a dispute? It can also be arranged. You can even pick up the dueling hat in estokada, that's a great beard, you can improve the more you win the better, get a gesture,

The gloves are on the ground.

Go to the entente!

This brings you to the duel arena:

The duel arena is located just northeast of al-kharid.

When you enter the arena, sell runescape gold,you will see an axe icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If so, you can right-click on other players and select the challenge to invite them to a duel.

by Karida