RuneScape Update Increases Pet Storage, Adds More Tooltips & Much more

Jagex has released a new update for RuneScape, making several tweaks and fixes to the game.

You will now be able to house up to 30 pets, and dismiss pets directly from your Menagerie.Cheap OSRS Gold. The “Ninja Fixes” also implement the ability to quick travel to Temple Trekking via the Mort Myre Swamp entrance gates with a right-click option instead of a toggle.

In addition to the Ninja Fixes, Jagex has made some graphical updates, as well as correcting typing errors in several quests, challenges and achievements.

For the full list of patch notes see below:

Ninja Fixes

The ability to quick travel to Temple Trekking is now available on the Mort Myre Swamp entrance gates via a right click option instead of a toggle.

The highest tier of Menagerie pet houses now have 30 slots, up from 25.

Players can now dismiss pets directly from their Menagerie.

Coins obtained via the Queen Black Dragon loot chest will now move to the money pouch when claimed.

Flameburst defenders right now provide the effects of a real defender.

The interface layout presets have been updated to better resize and handle tertiary interfaces, such as the the slayer counter for both standard as well as legacy modes.

XP lamps awarded with regard to completing Heroes’ Quest are no longer non-member objects.

Sixth Age quests are now marked in the quest journal, with similar messaging to Fifth Age missions.

Several “agnostic” tasks have been re-categorised as Fifth Age quests.

The quest list now has an option to categorise quests into Fifth/Sixth Age.

The Progress category in the quest list now displays Completed quests at the bottom of the list instead of the middle.

A mission accept interface has been added to the following missions

The Hand in the actual Sand

Haunted Mine

Horror from the Deep

Hunt for Red Raktuber

Icthlarin’s Little Helper

In Aid of the Myreque

In Pyre Need

In Search of the particular Myreque

Kennith’s Concerns

Legacy of Seergaze

Legends’ Quest

Lost City

Lunar Diplomacy

Meeting History

Monkey Madness

Mountain Daughter

Nature Spirit

Goblin Diplomacy

Pirate’s Treasure

Vampyre Slayer

The actual Knight’s Sword

Dragon Slayer

The following tasks now award XP lamps containing typically the quest reward XP:

Goblin Diplomacy today awards a 200 Crafting XP lamp.

Vampyre Slayer at this point awards a 4, 825 Attack XP lamp, requiring 10 Attack.

The Knight’s Sword quest currently awards a 12, 725 Smithing XP lamp, requiring 28 Smithing.

Dragon Slayer now awards two XP lamps worth 18, 650 Strength and Defence XP, requiring 50 Power and Defence respectively.

Gertrude’s Cat these days awards a 1, 525 Cooking XP light, requiring 11 Cooking.

Recruitment Drive at this moment awards three XP lamps worth 1, 000 XP each in the Prayer, Herblore and Agility skills, requiring level 8 in the respective abilities.

A Soul’s Bane now awards 2 XP lamps really worth 500 Defence and also Constitution XP, requiring 4 Defence along with Constitution respectively.

Priest in Peril at this time awards a 1, 406 Prayer XP light fixture, requiring 10 Prayer.

Nature Spirit now awards three XP lamps worth 3, 000 Crafting XP and 2, 000 Constitution and Defence XP, requiring level 4 Crafting in addition to level 3 Constitution and Defence correspondingly.

In Search of the Myreque now awards five XP lamps well worth 600 XP within the Attack, Defence, Energy, Constitution and Crafting skills, requiring degree 4 in the respective skills.

In Aid of the Myreque right now awards four XP lamps worth 2, 000 XP inside the Attack, Defence, Durability and Crafting expertise, requiring level twelve in the respective knowledge.

The Haunted My own quest now awards a 22, 000 Strength XP lamp fixture, requiring 35 Toughness.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

Every Summoning scroll now has a tooltip of what the effect is.

The following Summoning scrolls happen to be updated:

The Abyssal drain’s scroll today heals up to 50 prayer points, upward from 5.

The particular Spirit dagannoth, Desert wyrm, Minotaur plus Arctic bear scrolls now bind the target correctly.

The Lava titan’s scroll at this point drains 5% adrenaline correctly.

The Stranger plant and Swamp titan scrolls currently poisons for up to two hundred damage, up from 20.

The Tz-Kih’s scroll can now damage up to 5 targets, up from 2 .

The Vampyre bat’s scroll now heals the player for 50% of damage dealt, way up from a fixed 100 lifepoints.

The Bloated leech’s scroll these days won’t heal if health is beneath 600, Cheap Deadman Gold,up through 60, and deals 100 damage, upwards from 10.

Typically the Spirit scorpion’s scroll now works by applying weapon poison towards the player for 30 seconds.

The Luck from the Dwarves ring at this moment affects the chance of receiving an off-hand Khopesh of the Kharidian from treasure chests inside a Shifting Tomb.

Players can now jump over the Strange Floor agility shortcut from the Taverley dungeon when on the west side, standing south of it.

Corrected the spelling of ethereal components.

The Sophanem Slayer Dungeon chest will now warn players whenever discarding a single item from it.

The Shooting star and Evil Tree are no longer displayed as members-only on the Minigame spotlight user interface.

Obtaining a strange rock will now consistently state the rock skill name when acquired.

Quests, Challenges and even Achievements

Fixed an issue where members logged into a free world could not open reward chests in the Broken Home quest due to the member skill cap on free worlds.

Completing the Monster Slayer quest no longer displays an Ernest the Chicken achievement.

Players can now reclaim a Desert amulet 4 if they already have one keepsaked.

Corrected a debug name for Aristarchus coming from appearing occasionally during the Our Man inside North quest.

Remedied a typo while Crondis speaks for the player during Crocodile Tears.

Corrected often the spelling of Legio Secundus on the ‘Stand your ground’ accomplishment.

The ‘They All Fell Down’ success can no longer be completed in a group.


Added a popup message when the Queen Dark Dragon does her extreme dragon breath attack if the player is carrying an unforged royal crossbow.

The auto-setup action bar option once again checks for empty slots and collapses the abilities to the front of the action bar.

The auto-setup activity bar option no more adds trout on the action bar except when undertaking Combat Academy training.

Gamers will no longer miss a couple of abilities when using the auto-setup action bar choice.

Extra blocking continues to be added to some tiles north-west of the Mage Training Arena to prevent players getting stuck.

It is no longer possible to consume a Great Gunkan when the player has more than the maximum number of lifepoints.

Players can now destroy a whole elite skilling outfit set from the backpack at once.

Fixed a typo on the Adamant Kavalerist entrance barrier within Brimhaven Dungeon.

Fixed a typo during the Karil section within the Beasts tab attack descriptions.

Players are now able to right click ‘Enchant’ through Thormac.

Players will have an enchant all option via right-clicking on the images within the Thormac enchant software.

Corrected a typo on closed poll booths.

The Staff in the Mind is now correctly found under the Staves filter in the Wardrobe.


Fixed a few stretching on the climbable wall on phase 1 of the Vorago encounter.

Teleporting out of V’s ancient cave at this time clears the skybox.

Graphically updated the exact Wilderness warning interfaces. Sell RS Gold.These warnings can be toggled on or off in the Game Settings >  Doomsayer Warning Settings program.

Updated the Port Resource Crate screen to be a lot cleaner and easier to read.

Graphically updated Thormac’s Battlestaff shop.

by Karida