Solid wood floor maintain

1, after floor store has been installed, should be in 2 enter inside week. Do not stay in person or the room that often do not live for long, a few water should be put inside the room and hold water amount, or use increase wet chance, plum rains season should strengthen the moisture; south that open and evaporates in order to make up for because of indoor central heating condition of core of ventilated; room does not want too dry, also do not want too damp, in case the weather-shack, systole of wooden floor or expand be out of shape.

2, retain a floor board dry cleanness, with twist dry soft wet towel to wipe brush a floor, be in northward and dry area, dry season can wipe a floor with wet cloth, be in the place of southern climate moisture, unfavorable with wet pull cloth to brush a floor or clean with water directly.

3, what join a floor board to maintain solid wood is beautiful prolong lacquer face life, 2 each months hit candle, before waxing besmirch wipe up, be in next the surface is even ground daub a floor wax, after working a bit, wipe with soft cloth, till flowing brightness.

4, prevent floor of insolate of intense and abiding sunshine, lest paint is long-term below ultraviolet illuminate, shift to an earlier date ageing, craze. Avoid cold sirocco of electric home appliances

5, prevent floor of pluvial leach bubble, avoid the water handling overflow such as the balcony, toilet, kitchen, go out travel or good faucet; closes to cannot be contacted with hot water particularly please when cut off the water supply, accordingly, the hot water in central heating conduit must not discharge arrives on the floor, once happen,want to be wiped in time.

6, prevent heavy metal acute implement, should not be directly when the mobile furniture of; of floor of hard article cut such as vitreous ceramics, hobnail on the floor push-pull, should raise move and put down gently. The furniture that often moves can stick a rubber in its bottom.

7, prohibit laying strong acid sex and alkali sex material on the floor.

8, local board face is stained with smear to should keep clear of in time carelessly, if oil stains can dip in with automatic dishcloth or mop,Wenshui is touched a few if,washing powder swabs; medicaments or dye, must be in smear not dissolve tries to keep clear of before into woodiness surface layer.

9, if the humidity outdoor is more than indoor humidity, can confinement door window, maintain indoor and inferior humidity, if the humidity outdoor is less than indoor humidity, can open door window in order to reduce indoor humidity. Encounter damp and sultry weather, can open air conditioning or fanner. Autumn, winter festival is increase indoor air humidity, can use add wet machine to make indoor air humidity maintains in 50%-70% .

10, of special besmirch clear method is: Oily be soiled, paint, printing ink can use special go be soiled oil wipes: If be the incomplete be soiled such as bloodstain, fruit juice, red wine, beer,can use wet rag or dip in with dishcloth on right amount degree cleaner wipes; liquid of not usable and puissant soda acid clears floor.

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