solid wood flooring

Strengthen the floor of the reasons for the ring: When you install is not playing the keel? If so, it is because the keel and the ground is not fixed, resulting in cracks so the sound. If there is no keel, then it may appear in the frequent place to move, and may be too tight reason, resulting in a sound.

Before you want to ceiling and do solid wood flooring, please be sure to pay attention to your city's net floor is high. At the beginning of the project, if you do not want to use solid wood flooring, or solid wood flooring (composite flooring), be sure to ask the construction team to lay the floor in accordance with the way the laying (wall or ground slot).

Brick and concrete structure of the house proposed in 4 years do not use solid wood flooring, because the rain may be infiltrated into the brick, the frame structure no problem, recently our district always repair the floor, may be related to this.

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