Automated Storage and Retrieval systems are now being built in accordance with providing support to various MRO (Manufacturers and Industrial Supply Companies) activities in major industrial sectors worldwide. Kardex Remstar is one of the companies that has built new products to cater to this particular need.
Kardex Remstar is a company of the Kardex Group that is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing http://www.teamnhlsharksshop.com/tommy-wingels-sharks-jersey/ , warehousing, distribution, offices and institutions.
Multiple facilities have increasingly started incorporating large scale automated material handling solutions into their supply chain that require readily available uninterrupted maintenance of spare parts inventory and supplies in order to avoid costly downtime.
In order to support distribution and the fulfillment of operations, many manufacturing facilities are now deploying automated systems and technologies further into their supply chain. This is because, in the absence of well-equipped routine preventive maintenance tools and supplies in a facility’s maintenance and repair operations (MRO), the shutdown of an automated system could have a great amount of negative impact on the productivity of that particular manufacturing facility.
For this purpose, the different sectors are needed to make high investments and these investments don’t seem to reduce with time. There are many related issues too such as labor cost, service costs or lost revenue, and losses from downtime of automated systems that have companies either neglecting the maintenance issues or looking for inexpensive alternatives to cater to in-house MRO routines.
In general http://www.teamnhlsharksshop.com/tomas-hertl-sharks-jersey/ , there are companies who designate a separate storage area for the MRO supplies, spare parts and tools, but, these spaces allotted for the work are usually small, hence, compromising on the quality of maintenance in entirety. The reason behind this is that these very companies prefer using their valuable large spaces only for the purpose of generating profit rather that allotting it for facilities support.
Therefore, after considering multiple parameters resulting in the companies’ negligence in providing the much needed importance and attention to the maintenance of their products, Kardex Remstar can now provide small-scale automated and retrieval systems as an alternative. These automated systems can fit into extremely compact areas for only a small fraction of the amount of dollars that were initially invested in the large-scale equipment it supported earlier, thus reducing the costs associated with facility’s operational downtime.
The three primary types of these new automated storage and retrieval systems come in three variants such as vertical carousels http://www.teamnhlsharksshop.com/paul-martin-sharks-jersey/ , vertical lift modules (VLMs), and horizontal carousels. The amount of benefits that come with the incorporation of these new products are numerous that include the provision of centralized storage, easy tracking and traceability associated with service equipment, protection of parts, enhanced ergonomics, maximum storage capacity and lastly, a better organization.
These new systems are expected to help the companies save up a lot on time and money that usually goes into the facilities’ operations.
The current report on “Global Automated Material Handling and Storage Systems Market” explains the factors responsible for the growing demand for similar automated storage and retrieval systems, especially the Carousel ASRS. The other ASRS markets discussed in the report include Unit Load ASRS, Mini Load ASRS http://www.teamnhlsharksshop.com/patrick-marleau-sharks-jersey/ , Tunnel Style ASRS, Robotic ASRS, and others. The report also consists of detailed insights into the factors responsible for the growing market share of each of these ASRS systems in each region across the globe over the forecasted period 2014-2020.
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